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2017 Submissions

Good Times (original mix) House Song
Nier I Kaine Salvation Remix Video Game Song
Hypnotized Dubstep Song
Excuses House Song
Soundwork VIP (Trance) Trance Song
Second Frontier (Melodic-Trap) Dubstep Song
Are you Bready for This (DubstepTrap) Dubstep Song
You Get Me (Feat. Veela) Drum N Bass Song
Sub Zero Cave Road Dubstep Song
I'll Say (Melodic Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Nightmare DubTrapMoombah Dubstep Song
In Limbo House Song
Fractal Dream Dubstep Song
Embark Dubstep VIP Dubstep Song
Evora Newgrounds Cut Trance Song
Deadfall Trap Dubstep Song
Raver's Paradigm Dance Song
Devil's Promenade Drumstep Dubstep Song
Edge of Autumn Trance Song
Journey to Silius STG I Remix Drum N Bass Song
Zilla Dubstep Song
Embark Trance Song
Natural Beat (Remix) House Song
Rush (Club Edit) Dance Song
Rush Hour (NG Cut) Trance Song
Aeronautic Journey Trance Song
Dragon Spirit (volcano) Video Game Song
Reminisce Solo Instrument Song
I'll Be There (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Animal (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Unravelling (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
NG Soundscape Trance Song
December Sun Trance Song
Night (Trance Vocal Mix) Trance Song
June (Trance) Trance Song
The Destination Trance Song
Junta (Trance/Dance) Trance Song
I'm Blue (Dubstep Remix) Dubstep Song
Breathing (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Catalyst I (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Sunlit Angel [D&B] Drum N Bass Song
Rivers in the Sky (DnB) Drum N Bass Song
Scorched Earth-Drum&Bass Drum N Bass Song
Normandy [Drum & Bass] Drum N Bass Song
Wishes Drum N Bass Song
Photic Atmosphere Ambient Song
Adore You [Progressive] Trance Song
I'm Back[KSBeats] Ambient Song
Peak K2 [House Electro] House Song
K2 Summit (Electro-ish) Miscellaneous Loop
Always Here {House} House Song
Terrabit House Song
Lectro Funk[Electro Mix] House Song
Feet Don't Touch[electro] Dance Song
Only Mine [Trance] Trance Song
Quantums [Electro House] Dance Song
Resistence Trance Song
Give Up [DNB] Drum N Bass Song
Synical Demand [DNB] Drum N Bass Song
RS- Forever Drum N Bass Song
Commerce Trance Song
Brightness {TRANCE} Trance Song
Teknycal [Trance] Trance Song
[TRANCE] Revenge Trance Song
Moar Soundz House Song
ZERO/KSBeats Signs Of House Song
So Long Dance Song
3 Below House Song
BitCrushed Video Game Song
l Amplify l Video Game Song
GO [2nd Edit] House Song
Transmission 2 Dance Song
We Made It [KS] Dance Song
Star Alignment Dance Song
Piano N Bass {Ks} Dance Song
Go [KS Beats] Techno Song
Journey of the Remnants Drum N Bass Song
Transmission RS Trance Song
Solid [RS] Trance Song
RS- Urban Track [Hold Me] Trance Song
Forever Today {RS Rmx) Trance Song
>Guerilla Warfare< Trance Song
:Skyline: Trance Song
=-Agony-= Trance Song
Nuclear Winter [KS] Classical Song
----LA---- Trance Song
l-Sunrise-l Dance Song
KSRS Over loaded Trance Song
RS Nocturnal Dance Song
Jealously? Pssh House Song
>>>LED<<< Dance Song
Atmospheres -KS[RS] Trance Song
Bassline Enima 3 Video Game Song
--->The Virus<--- Video Game Song
>>>Rising Action<<< Trance Song
Last Breath ??? Dance Song
Spirits of Life >>KS<< Dance Song
This Way [KS] Trance Song
Baseline Enima 2 Trance Song
[KS]Leap Of Faith Trance Song
[KS]Cross Roads Miscellaneous Song

2010 Submissions

Abolished Misery Trance Song
[ks]dynamics -full Content- Techno Song
[KS]Dynamics -DEMO- Techno Song
[KS]Solar Rays Trance Song
[KS] Techno Song
[KS]Eternity Ambient Song
{KS}Final Chance Dance Song